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Success requires experience
Remembering the past is essential to building the future

Since 1972 Alumec is in the extrusion field designing, developing and creating aluminium section bars of any shape, in total harmony with the needs of the customer. Our philosophy means we consider new projects to be an opportunity for continuous growth in collaboration with our customers.

Since 2012, the new ownership has given the company a younger and more dynamic edge, without forgetting the hard work of the founding partners who provided the base on which to create the new Alumec. 

The organisation boasts full coverage of Italy, a strong presence in Europe and in other countries around the world.


alumec estrusione alluminio  italia

There are 2 production plants in Italy:

One produces micro extruded profiles with a 500 TON press capable of producing extrusions with very tight tolerance, thicknesses starting from 0.6 mm and a minimum weight of 18 g/m.
alumec estrusione alluminio lombardia
One is for the production of larger extruded profiles, with presses of 1600 TON and 2700 TON capable of producing profiles of up to 10 kg/m in weight.

alumec estrusione alluminio brescia

Extending for a surface area of 30,000 m2, of which 19,000 m2 are covered

the plants offer the international market a production capacity of almost 25,000 TON per year.